.:My Resume:.

Zoey Andrews, MSN, RNC, CNS, MILF
100 Sexyfuck Lane
California, USA

Office: Wildrose Network
World Wide Web

My Vitals:
Ht: 5’10 Marital Status: Married-Swinger
Wt: More than I should Children: 1 Son
Hair Color: Blonde Hometowns: Houtson TX and New Orleans LA
Eye Color: Blue  
Bust Size: 38 DD (100% Natural)  
Grooming: Brazilian Waxed  
Favorite Colors: Red and Yellow  
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual  
Professions: Nurse Executive and Mom  

Educational Background:
MS in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Growing Family
BS in Nursing, RN

I love MEN, Cooking, NASCAR, Football (Pro, College, and High School, my sons), Pool, Tanning, Swimming, Sucking Cock, Dressing sexy, Bubble Baths (cum join me sometime), Listening to Music of all kinds, Camping at the beach or in the mountains, Amature Porn and my Pets

Turn Ons-
Talking Dirty, hair pulling, light bondage, hard cocks, great tits, women and men who are confident but not overly pushy, men with very short, shaved or no hair at all, tattoos, and fun people

Turn Offs-
Kiddy porn, sex with animals, pain

Favorite Positions:
Doggie Style, Riding on top, Blowing a guy in any position (and yes I swallow), legs pinned behind my head (I am VERY flexible).

I work very hard at my day job, so I always look forward to having fun and relaxing in my free time. I am a licensed RN in 3 states, and a licensed Clinical Nurse Specialist in one state, so yes I am actually the living breathing personification of the “naughty nurse”! Although I am no longer at the bedside on a daily basis, let me assure you I have kept my SKILLS sharp……by the way, nurses do know more about having unbelievable sex than other people. Join me today and see for yourself J!!!!!

Available on Request :)

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